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Werner Custom Firearm Cases are beautiful works of functional high performance art, which will display your fine firearm in your gunroom, protect it when traveling, while keeping it ready on the hunt.  Peter starts with a hardwood frame as the foundation, with precisely joined corners to enhance both the strength and the beauty of these cases. Individual pieces are first hand cut, shaped, fitted, and finally sanded and finished to protect the wood and make it glow.  Using the frame and panel method of construction, this frame is encased with 1⁄4” Baltic Birch Plywood; plywood is used instead of solid wood, because of plywoods' superior strength and dimensional stability.

The firearm, the stock & receiver, the barrel, and the fittings are “French Fitted” into the case.  For the best possible results, Peter needs the firearm and accessories to make an exact template of the firearm to ensure a perfect fit.  This painstaking procedure enables Peter to handcraft a gun case, which allows for the bear minimum of shifting, preventing the polishing of the barrel bluing/blacking, or an accessory from “free floating” loose in the case, which could have tragic consequences.  The firearm or its duplicate would be needed for a short period of time to properly fit the firearm in the case.  If a duplicate or a tracing is sent, then the fitting is regrettably at the customer's own risk.  

Nigerian goat skins or calf are used to cover the exterior of this gun case.  Peter uses Nigerian goat skins or calf skins because these skins generally have softer and nicer grain patterns which are very pleasing to the senses, both to the eye and to the touch.  These Nigerian goat skins are tanned in Nigeria and then re-tanned & dyed in England.  The skins are vegetable tanned and a non-reactive material, helping to prevent rust on the firearm.  

Finally, the fittings, the polished brass corners, the hinges, the locks, and the leather handle are painstakingly installed. The result is a piece that is beautiful, functional, and is a joy to use.

Traditional Oak & Leather Firearm Cases are handcrafted from Oak or other Hard Woods and covered in the highest quality skins available and lined with vegetable tanned leather or UltraSuede. The size of these varies per case. The Interiors are French fitted to the pieces the client wishes to place in the case. These cases are totally custom.  These cases can be customized with embossed initials (blind or gold) or serial numbers depending on skin selected and number of options.  Oak and Leather Cases are individually designed and priced.

Typical Standard Single Shotgun Case $2100
Typical Standard Double Shotgun Case $2300
Typical Standard Rifle Case $2300
Typical Pistol Cases $1450
Deluxe Single Shotgun Case $2800
Deluxe Double Shotgun Case $3400
Deluxe Rifle Case $3400
Attaché Case size to order $2150
Cartridge Case $1550
Multi Tier-Lift out tray From $700

Oak & Leather
Our firearm cases are custom made to customer specifications, complete with numerous options to make this investment special and unique to you.

Standard Case Options included in base prices above.
A.  Calf skin (Saddle Tan) outside case covering:                                          
B.  UltraSuede “French” Fit or “English” Interior:                                            
C.  One complete firearm fitted.
D.  Solid brass corners, solid brass locks, solid brass hinges.        
E.  Matching padded lid pillow.          
F.  One lidded compartment.                                                           
G.  Leather Handle, matching outside color.
H.  Fitted accessories, cleaning rod, 2 bottles, (accessories not included).

Deluxe Case Options included in base prices above.
A.  Nigerian goat skin or calf skin outside case covering:
1.  Hunter Green, Dark Brown, Black, Dark Blue, and Burgundy.    Stock Goat Leather Color Options or Saddle Tan Calf.

B.  UltraSuede “French” Fit or “English” Fit Interior:                                            
C.  One complete firearm fitted.                                                        
D.  Solid brass corners, solid brass locks, solid brass hinges.        
E.  Trade label.                                                                    
F.  Matching padded lid pillow.          
G.  One or two lidded compartment(s) depending on layout.
H.  Leather Handle, matching outside color.
I. “French” Fitted accessories, 3 screw drivers, cleaning rod, 2 bottles, (accessories not included).
J. Walnut or Ebony inlayed case corners.




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