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Peter Werner's leather products- knife cases, gun cases, jewelry cases, and albums, have been projects long in the working.  Originally from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, at the young age of seven, Peter Werner began what would become a lifelong career in the art of bookbinding and collectible and functional case making. His interest started out like most cherished childhood memories, spending time with a close family member; for Peter, that meant spending time with his grandfather, Arno Werner, a Master Bookbinder, at his shop also in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  Under his loving care, Peter acquired the skills of bookbinding, a fine eye for detail, and an appreciation for the intricate workmanship required of a Master Bookbinder.  Peter started by ?paying his dues?, by sweeping the shop floor, followed by organizing the brass type letter used for gold leaf stamping.  It was at his grandfather's bindery, as an apprentice, that he produced his first ?work?.  Peter's closeness to his grandfather, Arno Werner, is evident in every piece Peter creates.  

     While honing his skills as an apprentice for three years, Peter was also exposed to the world of firearms, by way of his father.  A renowned author on the history of firearms and gun collections, R.L. Wilson, introduced his son to the sport of double guns, side arms, and the great outdoors culminating with a Safari in Africa.  While continuing to work part time at his craft, Peter pursued a college education at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts.  While there he studied architecture and met his future wife.  After graduation he moved to the West Coast to attend graduate school at Southern California Institute of Architecture, earning a masters degree.  Shortly after completing his education Peter moved with his wife to Colorado and started a family.  Initially he devoted his time to architecture, but 4 years ago he moved his grandfather's bindery to their home in Colorado. It was during this time period when Peter Werner's interest, the designing, and then creating gun cases, knife cases, and jewelry boxes started.    

These influences, love of design and architecture, proficiency in drawing and creativity, along with Peter Werner's relentless pursuit of obtaining the worlds absolute finest materials, and his inner drive to be the best, culminates in the best of the best.  

Arno Werner Bookbinders
Established in 1942

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